Are you an attractive employer

Employers and employees alike are taking a broader view when thinking about their careers focussing on short-term and long-term goals, this is resulting in some interesting approaches on how employers brand themselves.

The employer brand is all about how an organisation markets its offering to both potential and existing employees and is defined by the CIPD as ‘…a set of attributes and qualities, often intangible, that makes an organisation distinctive, promises a particular kind of employment experience, and appeals to those who will thrive and perform best in its culture.’

When looking at organisations who rank highly as the most attractive employers, it is clear that organisations with strong employer brands all share emphasis on the purpose of the organisation rather than their products alone. A strong employer brand should align with the organisational values, talent strategy, HR policies and, of course, the commercial brand.

Being an employer of choice allows the organisation to compete effectively in labour markets and can enhance employee loyalty through effective recruitment, engagement and retention initiatives. Therefore, increasing organisational productivity can positively impact on the bottom line!

So what is important to employees when looking at prospective employers?

Fear not, there are certainly some trends as to what a lot of employees are looking for in an employer.

Pay and benefit packages are obviously up there at the top of the list.  But it is not specifically remuneration that affects decisions or our perspective of whether we make that application for a specific role.

Other factors that are coming up the ranks in terms of making an employer attractive (or not!) are:

  • An emphasis on creative and innovative working environments;
  • The potential for learning and development within an organisation;
  • Realistic job expectations;
  • Purpose over product (strong company values);
  • Flexible and family-friendly working.

Regardless of whether an organisation has intentionally or consciously sought to develop their employer brand, every organisation has one! This will be based on the way they are perceived as a ‘place to work’ by candidates and existing employees or those leaving the organisation.

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