Employee Voice

In a time where managers are often too busy to even think about recruiting if someone leaves, employee retention should be high on the agenda.  Not only does keeping your team happy save time and money, but research also shows that productivity is likely to increase too, so what is there to lose?

Most clients I work with are busy people and find little time to stop, think and create an effective people strategy.  Most aren’t aware of their absence or turnover rates and those that are, don’t know how to improve it or further engage their employees.

There are a number of tools you can use to understand your employees and give them a sense that you care and want them to be happy.  Here are just a few of the most popular ones:

  • Staff satisfaction survey
  • Pulse surveys
  • Employee forums
  • Electronic suggestion box
  • Focus groups
  • One to one meetings
  • Team meetings
  • Companywide ‘town hall’ meetings or away days
  • CEO newsletter or updates inviting feedback

Satisfaction surveys, can provide a useful insight into where things can improve as well as reassure you of all of the good things you’re doing.  More recently HR tech has given companies software like The Happiness Index and Tiny Pulse where you can ask quick ‘pulse’ questions to gauge the mood or views of key initiatives within the business without too much disruption.

Although there are lots of media channels for employee’s to give upward feedback and have ‘a voice’, it is also important to have two-way communication on the things that matter to people to ensure they don’t disengage – be aware however, that if you ask but never respond, you could actually do more damage than not asking in the first place – so think carefully before launching straight into a survey or employee group!  Set up properly however, they can give you a real insight into your business, from whether people actually value your expensive benefits scheme to how to improve the overall customer experience for your business.

Sharing your vision and bringing people with you is important but giving people a voice, in whichever way suits your business, can bring untold benefits.  Would you like to go home each night thinking all of your staff love working for you?  Me too, that’s why listening to as well as leading my team has always been high on my priority list and has tended to foster a loyal and trusting culture.  Whether you believe in employee engagement or not, it’s worth reflecting on how well you know your employees. Do you know who may be about to walk out of the door and straight into the arms of your competitor because they don’t feel important or listened to?

We love to hear stories of the positive impact these initiatives have had and look forward to helping more clients to find the right channels to retain, motivate and engage their employees – “people are your biggest asset” …heard that somewhere before?

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