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On Tuesday morning 29 March Heather Matheson Wilson died peacefully in her sleep.

She was surrounded by love, in the company of her family, after a short battle with an invasive cancer.

Heather has asked that instead of flowers, donations are made to the charities she supported.

Please click on the charity donation links below.

Please also feel free to leave a comment below.

Logic will get you from A to B.

Imagination will take you everywhere.

- Albert Einstein (one of Heather's favourite sayings)



Heather was a conscientious supporter of the FSI and its vision of educating charities to make them more effective. A speaker at their conferences, a performance trainer, a mentor on Big Charity Weeks and hosting a birthday party in their honour in her own back garden in 2013. This event required every party goer to come in an outfit selected from a Charity Shop and every person looked oh so grand! Supporting the FSI allows them to continue this essential work.

Worshipful Company of Management Consultants

WCoMC is a modern livery company, representing one of the leading present day professions. Invited to full livery and a member of the Court following gaining the Freedom of the City of London, Heather has been an advocate and contributor to the Pro Bono Programme, activity supporting the third sector with Board review and restructure assignments. She viewed this work as essential to the values of the Company as well as it providing opportunities to meet wonderful people, exchange intellect and experience the fabulous places of our Capital, its wines and culinary delights! Supporting the WCoMC will benefit those directly undertaking pro bono work for the third sector.

Working Chance

Following a Board and Governance Review of Working Chance, Heather liaised closely with the Chief Executive to ensure the charity was positioned to maximise working opportunities for women re-entering society following serving prison convictions. In 2014, Heather contributed to a speed recruitment event at Holloway Prison giving women the chance the opportunity to practice their interviewing skills and prepare for their future lives. It was an unexpectedly moving afternoon where she met a group of strong and inspiring women who simply wanted a second chance. Supporting Working Chance gives them that.

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  1. Lorna Marty

    “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success”. (Albert Schweitzer) – one of my sister’s favourite sayings. You were the most amazing, inspiring sister one could ever wish for.

  2. Jason Marty

    An amazing and very loved Heather will be greatly missed by so so many people. Alway taking the positive side and ready to help with a smile on her face. Seeing the picture above makes me feel like she is still very much alive. Miss you. x

  3. Adrian McDonagh

    Only met you once. But you left an impression. An amazing person, passionate is an overused word but entirely befitting for you. One of the most fun business meetings/garden lunches I have ever had.

  4. Stef Barbero

    Heather in a short period really made an impact and will forever remember all she teach me. Will truly miss her. x

  5. Nic Crisp

    Such a bright light whose legacy will shine on through her beloved family and team. Much love to all of you as you move forward.

  6. David Shimwell

    Very few people are truly impressive, Heather was one of the few that was. Whether professionally or socially she was a force for good and fun. The world will be a lesser place for her loss but has been far better for her presence. My thoughts are with all that are feeling the raw pain of her passing.

  7. Helen Callear

    Even though we did work together, I was lucky enough to know you on a personal level. Heather you were an inspiration, a mentor and a friend. Rest in peace darling xxxx

  8. Patrick Chapman

    Thank you Heather for all your help and support.

  9. Nanette Young

    Heather- A brilliant and positive force for good. Much missed.

  10. Keren Haynes

    So very sorry to hear the tragically sad news about Heather. I only knew Heather on a professional level and it was a privilege. We helped secure TV and radio opportunities for Heather when she was at Kingston Smith – and what a breath of fresh air she was. Intelligent, sharp-witted, thoughtful and – in a sea of men in grey suits – extremely glamorous. Thinking of Heather’s family and friends at this very difficult time.

  11. Graham Bamford

    From the first telephone conversation, Heather’s positive view on life gave me hope and a boost in confidence that lead me to my happy new role in life. Thank you Heather. RIP

  12. Alistair Dixon

    Heather was Member number 31 of the Livery Company’s Wine Club (The Worshipful Company of Management Consultants).

    I knew her before that, however, through the Company. It was that connection that led her to come and visit us here at the Bay Tree Hotel in Broadstairs in May 2015 just after we had taken over the business.

    Heather set up our HR contracts and our staff Processes and Procedures. We will remember her through her professional work as well as on a personal level.

    We are hosting a Wine Club event here at the Bay Tree in June 2016 so we will dedicate that event to Heather’s memory.

  13. Sue Kernahan

    I had the pleasure of very valuable support and direction from Heather at a time when I was exploring my options.
    Even from the limited time I knew Heather , it was obvious she was a very, very ,special person.I am shocked to read of Heather’s passing. My thoughts go to her family friends and colleagues.

  14. Nigel

    Any loss is dreadful for friends and family of course, but Heather was such a force of nature that her loss will, I’m sure, touch more people than most. That I have known Heather for little over a year and yet was dumbstruck by the news of her passing says it all. I will miss her.

  15. John Watson

    We shall miss Heather a lot. Always friendly, personable and interested in engaging in important issues when I met her at WCOMC events.

  16. Geoff Llewellyn

    Heather made more of her two score years and ten than most of us in three score or more and we will carry her enthusiastic smile and drive in our memories.
    A lovely lady – I wish her loved ones strength in coming to terms with their loss.

  17. Gill King

    My memory of Heather in normal times will always be her smiling face and vibrancy. In adversity I was inspired and humbled by her ability to stay positive , retain her sense of humour and to make the most of the all too little time she had left. She had so much to live for – such a great loss to so many people.

  18. Simon Dent

    Whilst many of us here will have lost probably one of the most impressive business contacts/partners we will ever meet, we ALL have lost a true friend. Thoughts are with her family and her work colleagues.

  19. Simon Engwell

    We had good times together; you were great company. Maria and I will miss you.

  20. Keith Rivers

    One of lifes good people, and someone I had the pleasure and honour to call a friend.

  21. Ian Daniell

    Heather was introduced to the Company by Bob and Sally Garratt and as I was, once again Chairman of the Membership Committee, it was my pleasant duty to conduct an initial interview to assess her suitability for membership.

    The rather grand sounding interview was conducted over a very jolly lunch at one of Heather’s favourite resaurants in the shadow of the Gerkin which went on rather longer that either of us had expected. Fortunately my recommendation was unquaifiedly positive and Heathers admission to the Company was a great delight for us all.

    I was most pleased to see the energy and enthusiasm which she brought to the company and was priveleged to be present when Heather was admitted as a Freeman of the City of London and then as a liveryman of the Company.

    It is easy to talk about her contribution to the company as a Liveryman and Court Assistant, but actually I remember her most as a good friend, great company and lots of fun. We had lunch together last autumn and I remember well her showing me, with huge pride, the Friary West offices she had designed and built and her hopes for that company.

    We will all miss her but at this time my thoughts and prayers are especially with David and their young family and wish them all the courage to cope with the difficult times ahead stengthened by the example, courage and memory of Heather.

  22. Rey Geelani

    Heather was introduced to me by a colleague last year. She helped me bring a key project to fruition. Over a celebratory lunch she talked of her holiday plans. In January I called to seek her advice and was shocked to hear her story. Heather’s legacy is clear from the messages here.

  23. Bob Surman

    Great photo, captured her beautifully.
    Heather and I have been great mates for over 10 years, working and playing in the same groups. Her positive attitude and energy is a great source of strength and determination for many, including myself. I, for sure, will miss her hugely.

  24. Alan Broomhead

    A life ended is always sad; a life cut short is a tragedy especially when Heather had so much to offer. She was an inspiration to us all and her loss is irreparable. My deepest condolences to David and the boys.

  25. Eric Burrow

    Determined, focussed and always client centred are common descriptions of Heather but they do not convey the depth of her desire to help and support her friends, colleagues and clients (who invariably became friends). Heather was, and remains, unique and we will miss her so much, but we will always remember her with pride and gratitude for having shared time with her.

  26. David Shannon

    Heather had a huge positive personality. We were fellow members of the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants where we participated together in many events. Her’s was one of my most valued friendships gained through the Company. I miss her.

  27. Margaret Jones

    I knew Heather when she was one of the other Directors at Assuring Better Practice nearly 10 years ago. As well as being very professional and a brilliant businesswoman she was always great fun and so glamorous too. I have followed her progress since with interest and admiration. What a tragic loss, it is very hard to believe, my thoughts are with her family and colleagues at this sad time.

  28. Mike Hickson

    It is truly a very long time since someone’s passing has hit me as hard as Heather’s. She was an inspiration, a friend and a person to turn to in times of trouble. She will be greatly missed by all who new her. My condolences to her family and her colleagues at Friary West.

  29. Michelle Potter

    So sorry to hear the sad news about Heather. My thoughts are with her family.

  30. Chris

    Heather you will be missed by so many, I will miss our chats and the odd lunch. Thanks for believing in me all those years back.
    You can rest now love to your family, miss u xxxxx

  31. Karen

    My beloved daughter , May you rest in peace. Loved forever. God be with you xxx

  32. Tessa Hood

    I only knew Heather for about two years, but I knew immediately on meeting her that she was very special and that we had a meeting of minds. Her enthusiasm, kindness, drive, humour and enormous spirit of adventure were only a few of her sparkling personal qualities. I will never forget her, she was a remarkable woman, one of a kind, who made me rethink my own path and how I could link with her and forge a splendid future both for Friary West and for my own solo career.
    She will be hugely missed and my thoughts are very much with her family.

  33. Claire Louise Berlioz nee Noyce

    What a great selection of charities. I am going to look into this one. Why am I not surprised that there is such a great selection of charities!! I miss your laugh and or chats Heather. You were so loved and will be so very missed. The love and friendship in your wonderful family and lovely friends surrounding you is a testament to you and to your credit with David. How we all wishes to take your pain and suffering away from you and make it all right. You are very missed. I take comfort in the knowledge that in your stoicism and dignity you knew you were loved and cherished. All my love. Claire and Niall, Lydia and Clément. Xxxx

  34. Paul Griffiths

    Dear Heather

    You will be missed by all those you touched through the years. I am sure St Peter will be happy to have some help in organizing the Angels contracts and terms and conditions, you will soon have them all organized up there.

    God bless you and your family

  35. Sonia Freed

    I feel blessed to have known such a special person. Your energy and passion was admirable and contagious. Your memory will live on in all whose lives you touched. My deepest sympathy to all your family and friends at this difficult time.

  36. Steve Samuels

    I have never met a woman who had so much drive and passion for everything she did in life. I will miss the fun and laughter we always shared over a drink and the advice and direction she gave me in business.

    Heather was also a very generous and caring person, I experienced this first hand when I told her I was not going to have a 40th birthday party due to finances, Heathers response ‘have it round mine’

    My memory of Heather will be her beaming smile of excitement, standing in front of all her family and friends at her 50th birthday party.

    Sleep tight Heather and thank you… x

  37. Annabel Brown

    Heather was just brilliant. Her brain went at a hundred miles an hour and yet she still managed to be totally empathic and kind. I will miss her enormously and feel grateful for all she gave me in the time I knew her. She made people feel that they were good enough and the world is a far better place for her having been in it.

  38. Tami Frankel

    My friend Heather – full of warmth and wisdom. And so much fun to be around. You only ever saw potential in people and you supported and encouraged everyone.
    As you once wrote in a card to me when I wasn’t well, you really were a friend for all seasons not just a fair weather friend.
    Yours was truly a life lived to the full and I’m so lucky to have spent time with you and been part of it.
    Love you xxx❤️xxx

  39. Karen

    My beloved daughter. You did so much for so many in your life. I miss you so much Sleep in peace. Never to be forgotten

  40. Reckless

    Her infectous laugh. Her cheshire cat grin (especially when she’d just picked up her new convertible)! Her ability to put up with me – the worst, high maintenance, pain in the backside temp, during her Connect days. Her finally ‘outing’ me as an interview junkie. Her courage, she had ‘balls of steel’ – whilst the rest of us might prevaricate, she’d get on and do it – occasionally flying by the seat of her pants – terrifying to some but never scared to take a risk which made her inspirational, exciting and successful, happy and fulfilled. Her ability to drink pretty much anyone under any table/bar and still be ok the next morning. Her work ethic. Her sense of the ridiculous. Her vibrancy. Her irrepressible sense of humour. Her ability to debate, informed and prepared to listen but always with something of substance to say. Her sense of adventure. The way she lit up when she talked about her family. The way she loved David (and Max). The BEST dinner parties – long and relaxed with lots of laughing particularly when she’d hand out various ‘instruments’ for us to play, ranging from spoons to water whistles to accompany David on guitar singing fabulously rude songs about the guests until we were all crying with laughter. These are just a few of my favourite things that I remember when I think of Heather. I miss the time we should have spent together but I can never think of you without tears in my eyes but most importantly, a smile on my face. Thank you, you gorgeous girl xxxx

  41. jeff herman

    A delightful lady to know, full of energy and a great outgoing and friendly personality

  42. Lee Newitt

    It is so difficult to find the words to adequately describe you Heather and the impact you have had on our lives, so put simply we miss you deeply and our lives are better for the times we spent together. With love Jo & Lee

  43. Wendy Walker

    Dear Heather. the most positive person I have ever known. Your beautiful and generous spirit has shown me unwavering encouragement, love and great friendship. I’m so glad and lucky to have been your friend. Love you xx

  44. Francis and Margaret

    You lived, and loved, every moment of your life, with such energy of spirit, of fun, of achievement. Oh that we could all say that…
    Thank you to David, Robbie and Ben for giving you the space and encouragement to be you.
    Love always,
    Francis and Margaret xxx

  45. Peter Cordery

    Heather was one of those very rare people who are generous, interesting and a real delight to work with. She was without doubt one of the most inspirational people I have met in the business world. This is a sad moment, but I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Heather and I will remember Heather’s big smile and enthusiasm to help.

  46. Lizzie

    I will be taking you with me Heather, and unlike the weather, you will always be shining xx

  47. Stephen Pitcher

    Heather was an absolute inspiration. She was a pleasure to work with and so dynamic it was wonderful. She touched everyone who came in contact with her. My deepest condolences to David, Robert and Ben.

  48. Veronica

    Heather never did anything by halves. I was always in awe of what you had achieved and glad to be part of it. Condolences to David, Robbie and Ben.

  49. Kevin Bassett

    We are all so very sorry to hear the sad news of Heather’s passing. Our sincere condolences go out to Heather’s family and colleagues at Friary West.
    Personally, I became good friends with Heather through our mutual business contact and always found her a very happy, positive and upbeat person who was always displayed a ‘can do’ eager edge toward everything she approached.
    I will never forget that very brave final telephone call she made to me and the time she took to let me know what was happening to her. It must have been so difficult for her, but at the same time so typical of her approach to the world. I will always feel very honoured and privileged that she contacted me. I know she will be greatly missed by all that knew her.
    Kevin and the whole team at beeyou in Chelmsford.

  50. Anne and Peter

    Heather, a dearly loved and valued friend for many years, you leave a big hole in our lives. You touched so many with your genuine caring interest and your inspiration and motivation. We have so many happy memories of seriously fun times, crazy parties and outings where you lit up every event with your energy and vitality. Miss you and love you always.

  51. David & Chris Sheridan

    Heather was introduced to me 13 years ago and became a wonderful friend, valued colleague and was an inspirational role model. She was always incredibly generous with her time in supporting others. Heather touched so many people who will never forget her enthusiasm, enjoyment of life and her love of her family.

  52. Judy Oliver

    An inspiration to us all but especially for women. To be able to be the epitome of professionalism but with a very big heart and proud of her femininity. A dear friend and colleague who cut to the chase – to get results that were sound and fair for both the employee and the employer. As colleagues at IC24, we will make sure we will build on the new start you gave us.

  53. Mary

    This is so difficult. I only knew Heather for just over a year but during that short time, I was so aware every day that I was privileged to work with somebody who was very special in so many ways.

    The words that reflect our relationship are fun, generosity, challenge, energy, bonkers, risk, openness, wine, support, Chinese hats in the sun, inspiration, trust, laughter, honesty, love, and more fun! I am so thankful that fate brought us together because I was, and will continue to be, inspired by her.

  54. Rob and Amanda

    Heather’s sparkle will live with us forever. An unforgettable women and a very sad loss to all those who engaged with her.

  55. Louise Sims

    Heather we knew you for only a short time but you touched our hearts, a truly remarkable woman. Much love to David, Robbie and Ben from The Sims family.

  56. Pat and Ros

    Just so difficult to know what to say. Thankyou for the wonderful generosity.
    The fun, music and laughter. And for the lovely smiles! Love from us both.
    Pat and Ros. X
    Thinking of you all today. Xx

  57. Carolyn and Janice

    Janice and I knew and worked with Heather for too short a time. A tower of ability, empathy, energy, commitment, loyalty, fun and so much more besides. Her way of inspiring you with confidence, her knack of seeing the best way forward when others wavered, and then proving the resolve. And then get everybody on board. Quite simply, irreplaceable. Thank you Heather, for being you. We miss you xxx

  58. Gary and Kate

    A dear and precious friend, you will always have a place in our hearts.

  59. Pat & Ros

    Thank you for the fun, music and laughter. And the amazing smile.
    Thinking of you all today.
    Pat & Ros

  60. Edward Sankey

    A very bright light in our lives. Always having time for people, we’ve been lucky to know you. Heather will live in our memories.

  61. Wendy Saxby

    A truly inspiring lady, full of fun and laughter and beautiful inside and out. Sending much love to all her family x

  62. Gill King

    Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Celebration of Life yesterday it was a fitting tribute to Heather, her life and her legacy.

  63. Sally and Bob Garratt

    Although I knew of Heather a long time ago through family connections, Bob and I didn’t meet her until her father’s birthday party some twenty-five years ago. It didn’t take us long to realise that here was a young woman full of energy, fizzing with ideas and able to express herself fluently and persuasively. She certainly persuaded us that she was just the person we would like to work with and so began a long and fruitful collaboration. Always one to spot a way to help others, she took one of our techniques, adapted it to suit her clients and used it often, most recently with Working Chance. It was always a joy to introduce Heather to some of our more interesting contacts knowing that, within minutes, and usually over a glass of wine, she would inspire them to want to work with her and many happy and productive relationships were forged over the years. We also invited her to join us in various board development activities knowing that not only would she enjoy new challenges and the chance to gain confidence in working at the very top of organisations but she would also give us the benefit of her energy, insights and thirst for knowledge.

    We first mooted the idea of her joining the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants long before she was really conscious of the role of the livery in the City. She became excited by the idea of ultimately becoming Master but, being the pragmatic and shrewd businesswoman that she was, waited until she was ready to put herself on the first step towards that goal. It is desperately unfair that she was unable to take up this role – we all knew she would make an outstanding Master and our members are so sad to have been denied the contribution that she would have made.

    We look back fondly on the day we first met her, to be guests at her wedding and to get to know David. We are proud to have called her ‘cousin’ and grateful that our personal and professional lives have been so enriched by knowing and loving her.

  64. Nick Shah

    Rest in peace, Heather. Your spark of life will stay with us forever, and although we will miss you tremendously, we will remember you always and know that you are with us all the time.

  65. Sara Daw

    Heather was a remarkable woman, so wonderfully warm, approachable and lots of fun! You always found yourself telling her everything, she was such a good listener and with a razor sharp mind for seeing what the real issue was. She was hugely impressive as a business woman both in building businesses and in her specialism of practising HR.
    I will never forget the look of shock on her face when Ben was hypnotised at our Vistage retreat last year!
    I will miss you Heather so much x x

  66. Liz Jones

    I have only just heard of this sad event. I shall always remember Heather for her friendliness, charm and vivacity and feel devastated by her loss. My heartfelt commiserations to her family.
    Liz Jones, Maldon

  67. Keith Raven

    To find out about Heather by searching on google is very disappointing, We were good mates and hit it off after I remembered a presentation she gave on HR when I was a consultant at Business Link nearly 20 years ago. Some years later I engaged HR Insight to make sense of a company I was Managing Director of in Heybridge. Working with Heather was like having two heads she knew exactly what you were thinking and we worked through problems as one. Good luck and love to David and the boys. Change – the only constant.

  68. Carol Wilmott (nee Bowman

    So shocked to see this…. knew Heather many years ago….lovely lady to work for, lovely friend to have a laugh with, great company…..taught me alot. Gone too soon