Is fit key to your recruitment process

In conversations with clients, I am becoming increasingly aware that in addition to critical skills, competencies and behaviours, ‘culture fit’ is at the top of the priority list.

Although employers are generally aware of the importance of this in their organisations, they can sometimes be frustrated in assessing ‘fit’ effectively during the recruitment and selection process.

Candidates are also echoing the importance of ‘fit’ and this ranks highly for jobseekers assessing open roles on the market.  Recent studies are showing that it is not only hiring managers who are concerned with finding the ‘perfect fit’ in terms of organisational values, working environment and work/life balance and how these align both personally and professionally.

As an organisation, identifying the values that you promote and demonstrate in the course of your business is ultimately the first objective.  Open dialogue should then be incorporated into your recruitment process to assess how this is shared.

So for candidates and employers alike it seems that finding an opportunity that aligns organisational as well as personal values could well be a match made in heaven.

Here at Friary West we work with the focus on finding the ‘right person’ for your role as a Director, Officer or Manager. This focus is not just on the skills and experience of applicants but also, and very critically, on the behaviours, attitude and long term ‘fit’ of the person with your role and culture. Using behavioural analytics from a range of psychometrics including Drake P3, Belbin and CEB Global to support the recruitment decision, we share the view that this is key to the individual and the role being performed successfully.

Our agile approach to each hire means that we can adapt our approach in order to meet the needs of each client. We provide bespoke recruitment support and are happy to support on as little or as much of the process that you require:

  • Recruitment Support, including:

Identifying the role and key behavioural competencies
Drafting the Job Description and Advert and sourcing candidates
Creating scoring criteria, screening, interviewing and short-listing
Attending final interviews and managing all pre-hire processes from offer to contract signing.

  • Advertised selection
  • Executive Search
  • Behavioural analytics through psychometrics, questionnaires and simulations

If you are on the lookout for a ‘perfect fit’ for your organisation and would like some support in doing so call one of the Friary West team on 01621 730824.